Friday, March 5


The firm has a substantial number of constructions in domestic, merchant and industrial buildings to display, even in public use facilities.
A large part of our business is about independent facilities in private houses, small and large apartment buildings and offices, while equally numerous are works in shops, schools, square, courts, e.t.c.

Below follows a quotation of some indicative projects:

OTE Shop / Cosmote Glyphada
OTE Shop / Cosmote Goudi
Ydra’s high school and college buildings
Ydra’s c.s.c
11th Peristeri college
13th Peristeri high school
16th Peristeri high school
24th Peristeri Kindergarten
Nursery school at Peristeri municipality
Ecological-Green house at Peristeri municipality
Haidari’s New City Hall
Aigaleo municipality stadium
Press room and V.I.P. room at Peristeri’s court
Glino’s park at Peristeri municipality
St. Marina’s park at Peristeri municipality
St. Dimitris’s park at Brahami municipality
2nd Speches Nursery school
Lighting department installations at Speches’s port
Lighting department installations at Aigina’s port
Restaurant of Tanagras airforce officers school
Lighting installations at 14th Peristeri High school’s basketball court
Lighting installation at 1st Peristeri college’s basketball court
Lighting installations at 5th and 12th Peristeri colleges’ basketball courts
“Ergobeton” concrete industry at Aspropyrgos
“Ergobeton” concrete industry at Tauros
“Pappou Beton” concrete industry at Ano Liosia
“Shiakandaris Beton” concrete industry at Ano Liosia